Stuff to Know about the Website by Alison
  1. Hash Trash - The hash trash on this website is an embedded blog. The blog is available on blogspot. Piss Stop and Oink Oink are authors on the blog. Piss Stop can add more authors. The embedded widget on the page was created by Piss Stop using widgetbox and is available here.
  2. Calendar -
  3. Gmail -
  4. Marathon Registration -


  1. Enable RSS - With this feature you can subscribe to updates on the site. Between the comments module and subscriptions to it I bet we could keep spam down a lot more on the yahoogroups.
  2. Enable Parent Pages -This is a behind the scenes thing that will make managing the site easier and makes it possible to leave breadcrumbs in the header. It also adds functionality that helps with RSS so you can subscribe only to certain sections of the site.
  3. AdSense - We can add google AdSense. I have no idea how much money this might possibly generate, but it might pay for us to be able to provide email addresses for all the hashers. Velvet thinks it's a bad idea to put ads up… Headmaster thinks it's fine as long as we can get the ads have something to do with bail bondsmen.
  4. Site Statistics - Tried implementing StatCounter but so far I can't get it to work.


  1. Webmaster Page - We need a webmaster page that credits all the other sites since much of the content has been taken from there. Also, we can list the moderators. Moderators would be the people who are responsible for updating a particular feature of page of content. Example: The Hareraiser updates the calendar, so we want to make it easy for people to know this. We can put Bros name on the calendar page and we also put it on the webmaster page. It's also a good page to recruit people to be content owners. One person can offer to update ONLY the profiles, or ONLY the write ups, or ONLY the marathon. If there's content that we want someone to manage and we have no one yet we list it as available.
  2. HowTo for Members - Especially when introduced, people will need to know how to take advantage of some features. Example: In order to post comments you need to be a member, so point hashers to setting up an account with wikidot. Example: Use the Flickr group to post pics.
  3. HowTo for Moderators / Content Owners - I wrote one of these already; I made a template for formatting write ups. This should be done last.


  1. Hash Names @ - It would be good to have email addresses for at least a few of mismanagement, like GM. Ideally we could have one for everyone in the hash. It would be great if everyone (or many) could have moc.hsahnotsob|emanhsah#moc.hsahnotsob|emanhsah
  2. Google Search Entry - It would also be good to update the bostonhash entry we have with google search.

Site Settings

  1. View the css code for the Shiny Template.
  2. This explains how to embed a google map on wikidot.
  3. how to add site stats
  1. Add a logo to the header of the css template.
  2. Fixed Width for Main Content Page of the Site.
  3. Create your own CSS Template from the admin page. Here's a great wikidot site that created their own template.

Google - We have a google account set up with the username is moc.liamg|hsahnotsob#moc.liamg|hsahnotsob. We could use the email account, but I'm not sure that we really need it for anything yet. I had to set it up in order to use the other applications google offers. All the services we have used in the wiki are listed below:

  • Google Calendar - The BH3 Events calendar is embedded on this site. The id of the calendar is moc.liamg|hsahnotsob#moc.liamg|hsahnotsob. In order to add moderators to the calendar, we need to log in to this id. This id has also delegated full calendar authority to P*ss Stop. We can add anyone else we need to.
  • Google Docs - This is how you create and show forms and spreadsheets in order to use and embed them on the site. They also offer online documents and presentations, but I haven't found a use for them yet with this site. This page offers an excellent tutorial about how to turn a spreadsheet into a form and embed it on a webpage.
  • Google Maps - See a list of all the maps published by bostonhash.
  • Google Maps API - In order to embed a google map on the site you need an API key. The API key is associated to the url of the site. So, when we point to the site, we may need to update the API key. It is not posted yet - hopefully Velvet can figure this one out.


  1. moc.oohay|hsahnotsob#moc.oohay|hsahnotsob - The domain is (or was) registered through this account. I can't get in, but would like to. Tell me the password if you know it!
  2. moc.oohay|mgnotsob#moc.oohay|mgnotsob - This is the mail account that has been used to sign up to other hash lists so we can spam other kennels about our events.

Flickr - I want to set up a photostream using a flickr account associated to moc.oohay|hsahnotsob#moc.oohay|hsahnotsob. This seems like the easiest way to organize pics both on Flickr and on the wiki. Here is an example of a photostream. It allows people to post their pics in their own account and have them show up in the Boston Hash photostream. On Flickr the photos in the stream can easily be viewed by Sets, Tags, Dates and User. You can also tag favorites. Piss Stop will set this up as soon as I get the password from Velvet or Friar.

There are two different uploaders that make it pretty easy to upload multiple photos at a time:

  • First is the Flickr Uploadr 3.0 offered by Flickr. Download this free app if you want to drag in photos from your computer, add titles, tags and other metadata and upload it all to Flickr.
  • Second is the Windows Live Photo Gallery offered by Microsoft. Try this free tool if you want to download pictures from your camera or memory card, edit or crop them, and upload them directly to Flickr. You need a id to use this tool.

YouTube - This account is linked to moc.elgoog|hsahnotsob#moc.elgoog|hsahnotsob and the username is bostonhash. There are no uploaded videos yet… but give me time!

If you have an object but no iframe code to use with it, generate it yourself.

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