April 20th, 2003 - The Five Dollah Hash

Hares: Cum Chowdah, Viagra Doubtfire
Start: The Linwood Grill, near Fenway Park
Beer Check: The Linwood Grill, near Fenway Park
On in: kind of fuzzy, but I think at The Linwood Grill, near Fenway Park
Time: 9:00 p.m. HST
Total Distance: really, really long
Scribe: Viagra Doubtfire
Weather: about 49 degrees outside, but mostly dark and warm inside

Visitors: Finger Lickin Good, Mud Sticker, Nipolean, Peniscillin, possibly others, but it was really smokey in the bar.
Virgins: There were none at this point
Hashers Present: Snoreplay, An*l Avenger, Cum Chowdah (hare), Deposits in the Rear, Double Flush, Hot for Jizz, Lube Me In, Mom's Cumming, Mrs. Robinson, Palm Pilot, Piss Stop, Public Access, Puff-n-Stuff, Prom Cream, Rodent Feltcher, Sponge Bath Square Pants, Sugar Plum Fairy, Swells Like Torn *nus, Viagra Doubtfire (hare), Wee Willie Wanker, perhaps some others as well - or maybe not as many hashers


It was a cold, dark night. The fourth night for some on drinking; the third for others. In the midst of the smokey bar, one An*l Avenger and one Torn *nus convinced two hares to step forward and hare a $5 hash. (Notice on Cums Alone's write up that we ran out of beer earlier - a sign that hashers should leave. The wiser of us stayed.)

We headed (who said h*ad) out on trail after a lovely display of C*ck Puppet Theatre by our beloved Rodent Felcher. What a display of the rooster, the chicken breast, squirels doing many things including jumping on trampelines, and the ever-dangerous balloon trick.

With the pack mesmerized by the arts, Cum Chowdah and I began setting trail. This trail would surely be tricky. We began at the first pool table, set marks
and falses behind the bar, set more falses into the disgusting stall in the womens room, directed our pack to the 2nd pool table and on-on to the beer check by the stage.

Finally the pack caught up with us at the beer check. Phew. They were tired, but still revved about the theatre they witnessed. We drank, we sang, AA was the leader of some songs I can't remembered.

CC and I left the beer check, hoping not to be caught, and led the pack to the end - back to the same location as the beer check. Comments on the trails consisted of: "The best trail laid ever"; "Such beautiful hares"; "Greatest beer I've ever tried"; "How smart AA & SLTA were to convince CC & VD to set trail!". Beer and laughs were had and we were left to our own entertainment - with plenty of beer to go around.

This is where things get fuzzy. I remember AA telling me to pick up a dollar bill off the floor with my bare *ss. Yes, it seemed like a wise decision at the time. And yes, I succeeded. Someone else did, too. If you were that person and you remember that you did it, let us know. The talent is revered in this group.

On-on, Viagra Doubtfire

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