October 26th, 2008 - Halloweenie Hash

Hares: Hareclub, Stick it to the Bros
RA: Bend Over Mommy
Bag Car: Sugar Plum Fairy
Pre-lube: Hub Pub
On-in: An Tain

On a day that seemed far too balmy for the Halloween spirit, the BH3 pack met up at the Hub Pub for a ghoulishly good time. On all accounts the pack was quite sparse for such a warm day, which may be the forebear of a small, tight pack come winter. Farewell you fair-weather hashers. We'll see you an your booty shorts next spring. Most of you are annoying anyway. No, really.

The highlight of the trail was obviously the costumes, which were a mix of neat, store-bought creations and homemade, thrown-together-at-the-last-minute ones. In some cases people may have just put on an ugly shirt and/or a cowboy hat and called it a costume, or it may have been their normal hash attire. Hard to tell. Here's the scoop from the runway (sorry if I misinterpreted your costume/couldn't figure out what the hell you were wearing):

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