October 14th, 2007 - IMEZRU Reluctantly Marries Puffy

THEME: IMEZRU/Puffy Getting Married Hangover Hash In Worcester
WHEN: Sunday, 10/14/07, 2:15 pm HST
START: Brew City Grill & Brew House, Worcester, MA
BEER CHECK: Wooded glade off Shewsbury Street
ON IN: Chez IMEZRU/Puffy in Worcester
HARES: IMEZRU and Puff'n Stuff
WEATHER: Great, a nice fall day
HASHERS PRESENT: (in addition to the hares): Goat Throat, Goes Down on Buoys, Hare Club for Queers, Shock the Monkey, Grease My Monkey's Nuts, Just Lila (newest hasher, daughter of GMMN and StheM), Just Jessica, Just Beck, and Cums Alone (me)

This hash was way out in Worcester, over a year ago; it was Puff & Stuff and IMEZRU's hash wedding (it is now past their anniversary, plus they now have a new baby hasher!). Yes, I am avoiding writing a paper. I think this means I should stop taking classes for a while. I only have one more hash trash to write (where I can still match up my notes to the hash run … tho maybe I should take a couple of the others and combine them into a fictitious hash run).

The pack met up on a nice fall afternoon at the City Grill & Brew House in scenic Worcester, MA. The bar was nice and cozy, and there was football on TV. Nevertheless, after some prodding, the pack was peeled away from the good brews and the TV. We circled in the parking lot for a brief chalk talk from IMEZRU, who was the sweeping hare (to ensure that no one got lost in Worchester). Some hashers were dressed for the occasion of the hash wedding others were not. Trail went down (yeah baby) parallel to Rt 9 in a northerly direction. The hares had a looping trail that seemed to go up and down hill an inordinate number of times. Before long (yes), there was a beer check by a park. Thus refreshed, the pack continued along Rt. 9, still weaving back and forth following a zigzag trail, that (surprise, surprise) led in the general direction of IMEZRU and Puff'n Stuff’s new Worchester digs. We had another beer check near some condos, and then trail went through swampy wetlands to eventually emerge behind the PuffEZ estate (good thing they don't allow hunting in Worchester).

The circle was in the backyard. Hare Club presided over the hash wedding and the circle. The hares were mightily abused for haring, and for getting married, most unhashlike behavior. There were down downs for the usual assortment of hash offences (I recall that almost everyone got at least one down down, and a few got several). Goat Throat got at least a couple for riding his bike from Boston to Worcester (he was getting a ride back).

It was time for Just Beck to get a hash name. She is a midwife, and also a very flexible yoga/dancer person. She was not named any of the following (thankfully): Bend Gay, Dancing Queer, Bent Gay, Bend Over Daddy, nor Bends it like Bikram. She was named Bend Over Mommy, which has proven to be a very good hash name.

Once we concluded with a Swing Low, the pack adjourned upstairs to eat pizza and watch football on TV. The off white carpet somehow survived!

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