March 9 2003

Date: Sunday March 9, 2003
Theme: Disco costume hash
Hares: Hot for Tots, One Drunk Walking, Master Gator
Start: Costello's Bar in Jamaica Plain (not Doyle's)
Beer Check: Master Gator's apartment in JP
On in Circle Up location: One Drunk's apartment in JP
On after for food: I have no idea what the name of the place was
Time: 2:00 p.m. HST
Total Distance: 4 or so miles
Scribe: Cums Alone
Weather: sunny but cold

Hashers Present: One Drunk Walking (hare), Master Gator (hare), Hot for Tots
(drove bag car), Anal Avenger, Barbie Box, Ching Ching, Cream Whora, Cum
Prick Pow, Cums Alone (me, the scribe), Deposits in the Rear, Hare Club for
Qu*ers, Hole in the Bucket, Hong Kong Spewy, The Jizzmopper, Lame Canada,
Just Larry (at Master Gator's beer check), Just Laura (2), Lickety Slit,
Mom's Cumming, Muffalotta, Pat My Fly, Pond Scum, Prom Cream, Public Access,
Puff-n-Stuff, Shine On Harvard Moon, Skid Mark, Snoreplay, Sphinctersicle,
Stuff Me, Sugar Plum Fairy, Swells Like Torn *nus, Wee Willie Wanker, Just
William (5 hashes), You're Not My Daddy

Virgins: Ann, Erica, Declan, and Mike

Visitors: Bang Cock (Orlando H3)

Late Cummers: Cream Whora, More Seamen Please

The Start and the Run:
Okay, I barely remember yesterday, let alone a week ago. We started from
Costello's bar, since Doyle's doesn't enjoy our patronage. Trail went up
into Franklin Park, where the whole pack lost trail for awhile. Then it went
out of Franklin Park and into Dorchester, to some mightily fine
neighborhoods. We went past the Sam Adams brewery location and then finally
back into Jamaica Plain in a long circle jerk to Master Gator's place, site
of the beer check. Then from there it was yet another long circle jerk to
One Drunk's, where we circled up and drank more beer, prior to going to some
bar/restaurant that was semi-hash friendly.

The on in and on after:

Puff & Stuff was RA. Comments on the run: "I didn't find trail," "Who
stepped in sh*t?" "Shiggylicious", "Don't follow Snoreplay",
"Sh*ttylicious", "YBF after a true trail arrow?" "69% marked". The hares did
their down down and One Drunk sang some sort of rap sh*t.

Visitor: Bang Cock was given a down down.

Shine On, as dementoress, ordered the virgins onto their knees.

Virgin Ann said that Hot for Tots made her cum, but she prefers the barnyard
chicken (??Hot for Cocks?).
Virgin Erica said that Hot for Tots made her cum too, and that she likes it
doggie style.
Virgin Mike said that Pat My Fly made him cum, and if he were on a busload
of homos*xuals, he said he would get off. He said that the square root of 69
was six something (nope).
The virgins were given their down down, and are virgins no more.

Oh, and since Declan is only 6 months old, he wasn't asked any questions or
given a down down (Barbie Box's son)

Birthday: Public Access was given a down down.
Eating peanut butter and jelly on trail: Just Laura (put it in toaster oven
at Master Gator's, smegma on toast?)
Gayest Disco Costume: Hare Club, Wee Willie Wanker, Torn An*s and Master
Gator were in the running. Master Gator won.

Naming: Just William had hoped to remain under the radar screen and not get
named. Oh, no, not to happen. He was not named: Cum in My Stash, He Told Me
Prepress. He was named Walked In Doggie Style, as a result of sharing an
unfortunate story of embarrassment with the hash. Thus is he to be known in
the hash.

And, after the circle and swing low, we walked around the corner onto Centre
St. to some bar that cooked up a lot of pasta and wings and salad for the
hash. It was relatively civilized until, after many beers, I looked up and
saw Snoreplay streaking through the bar. It kind of surprised the "normal"
patrons. And, we didn't stay there for long after that.

"It took me awhile to cum" - one of the virgins
"I don’t know how often I can cum" - same virgin
I have some cryptic note about "Chia Club for Qu*ers"

—- Cums Alone, your humble scribe

Mon Mar 17, 2003 12:32 pm

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Disco Hash of a week ago
Yeah, I'm in good shape; note that I left Deposits in the Rear and Walked In Doggie Style off the St. Pat's list by mistake (we had a large turn out, it … Sandy Miller
Mar 17, 2003
12:21 pm

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