June 11th, 2008 - Woods of Newton ContraCircle

Trail: The deep, dark woods of Newton — ContraCircle
When: June 11th, 2008
Hares: Sort of, but not really
Bag Car: The ground
Pre-Lube: The June 11th hash in Newton
On-in: The woods
Distance: 0.069 miles
Weather: Naked
Hash cash: $0

The Pack:
The few, the proud, the hashers-smart-enough-to-drink-the-tons-of-free-cold-beer-still-left-in-circle-from-the-pre-lube.

It was short, dry, and flat—just like your mom.

The on-in featured XXX taking off XXX and then sticking XXX into XXX. Shortly thereafter, XXX and XXX were spotted XXX-ing each other's XXX. The pack was thrilled and amazed that XXX and XXX participated—we didn't think you had it in you… kudos! Then circle began.

There was sex.
There was violence.
There was violent sex.
There was sexy violence.
And there was a horse.

All other memories of the circle — and of XXX's XXX— have been permanently erased from our collective consciousness.

If you didn't sign up for THE 413 HASH campout weekend, it's too late. Sold out. Maybe you can do this instead that weekend. It also rocks.

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