January 1 2003

Date: Wednesday January 1, 2003
Start: Silhouette Lounge, Allston
Theme: First Hash of 2003
Beer Checks: at the top of Summit Ave., Anal Avenger & Deposits In the
Rear's place
On In: Silhouette Lounge, Allston
Hares: Anal Avenger, One Drunk Walking, WinToes69
Time: 2 p.m. HST
Total Distance: maybe 3 miles, a hangover run
Scribe: Cums Alone
Weather: cold, then raining and cold

Hashers Present: Anal Avenger (hare), One Drunk Walking, (hare, WinToes69
(bag car hare), Cock Climber, Cum Prick Pow, Cums Alone (me, the scribe),
Deposits In the Rear, Double Flush, Friar F*ck, Hare Club for Q*eers, Just
Holly, Hot For Jizz, The Jizzmopper, Just Liza, Master Gator, Just Melissa,
Pat My Fly, Prom Cream, Puff-n-Stuff, Shine On Harvard Moon, Skid Mark, Just
Stephanie, Stuff Me, Sugar Plum Fairy, Tattoo My Scrotum, Swells Like Torn

Late Cummer (after the circle, at the return to the Swillo): Rectal

Virgin: Leo

The Start and the Run:
Hashers gathered for a prelube inside the Swillo. Despite hangovers or maybe
because of them, 27 hashers were present. Trail was being set live (or
semi-live, depending on the physical state of our hares after a New Year's
Eve celebration??). WinToes was left with 2 sheets of marks that were being
used by Anal Avenger and ODW. There was the dreaded check back, there would
be circles with a 3 in them (in honor of 2003, those would be checks).
There would be checks with an X in them, and if there were"H"s inside of the
circle, trail would go in one of those H marked directions. There would be
a "trail =" and then some description of a local landmark to find. At this
point, the pack had become agitated and confused. There was talk of
returning to beers at the Swillo.

And perhaps we should have returned to the relative comfort of the Swillo?
Trail went out toward Harvard Ave and then into the back roads of Allston.
We emerged over on Comm. Ave (near the site of one of our many beer stops on
the Trick or Drink Hash). From a check trail went across Comm. Ave to a
Turkey Eagle split. Our overly clever hares, had the eagles on the left side
of Allston Street, while the Turkeys trudged up on the right. True trail
went up Summit Ave. to the beer check at the top (in the park with the
Boston skyline view). One Drunk was sitting in a tree, perhaps to avoid the
steady drizzle. There were Bloody Mary's and mimosas, in addition to the
usual cheap beer.

Trail then went back down Summit Ave. over toward the Bread and Circus. We
lost trail there for a bit, but the FRBs caught One Drunk (and maybe Anal
Avenger as well). The pack was told to stand in front of a pizza joint for
5 minutes. Sure enough, a second beer check was at Deposits and Anal
Avenger's apartment, around the corner from the pizza joint. Bags had been
brought in, so it was assumed that this was the on-in, and maybe it was, if
you count the next stop as an on-after? Anyway, we did the circle at Anal

The circle:

Puff & Stuff was RA. He had Skid Mark and Hare Club give a down down
demonstration for Virgin Leo.

Comments on the run included: "Better than Cats", "F*ck the chalk talk",
"Best Run of 2003", "Worst Run of 2003", "Circle Jerks!", "Too many jerks on
trail". Rather than sing us a song, AA and ODW elected to moon the pack.
The run was voted fingernanimous, and the hares did their down down.

Visitors: Tattoo My Scrotum got a down down for leaving us for the state of
Missouri, and The Jizzmopper got a down down for being visitor from the BMH3
(Boston Moon Hash). They sang "Free Beer for all the Hashers".

Virgin: Shine On was dementoress. Leo said Swells Like Torn *nus made him
cum. But he would not get off a bus load of q*eers. When Shine On asked him
what has 2 thumbs and likes oral s*x, Leo pointed to himself, then ensuring
that every day would be Wednesday for Shine On. He got a down down and is a
virgin no more.

Just Holly and Just Liza were overdue for names.
Holly was not named any of the following: The Big Book of Anal, Land Lady of
the Gutter, Pounded by Nippstik, nor Hobo Ho. She was named Here's Jizz in
Your Eye (due to the unfortunate remark she made about jizz not being too
bad unless it hits you in the eye). Thus she is to be known.

Just Liza was not named Walk of Shame, Puke of Shame, Pukes Not Sucks, nor
Tenant of the Gutter. She was named Hole in the Bucket.

Hole in the Bucket and Here's Jizz in Your Eye were given a down down to
celebrate the momentous occasion.

Not hashing since last year: everyone
Same Shirt: Pat My Fly, Puff-n-Stuff, and because if one RA drinks, they all
drink, Tattoo My Scrotum (departed Boston RA, back visiting) got a down

We did swing low and we had pizza. There was also a combination of pork and
sauerkraut on the stove, but I passed on that.

AFTER the circle The Jizzmopper and Hare Club set a trail to the next hash
bar (which hash cash was to cover, so Jizz was given the money so the pack
would have beer). It was pouring rain, so any trail they set in the dark
was not going to be seen. Anal Avenger said we were to go back to the
Swillo, so everyone did. However, Jizz and Hare Club actually went the
other way to some bar in Washington Square in Brookline (a mile the opposite
way from the Swillo, where most people had left their cars). Anal Avenger
first tried to convince the pack to move to the other bar, but there was not
an overwhelming desire to leave one bar for another, even tho we were
informed that Jizz and Hare Club had lined up 10 beers from our hash cash
and were waiting for us (wisely Anal Avenger removed the balance of the hash
cash from them when he went to check). Actually, they had met a couple of
women, and were trying to impress them with the cheap swill they had
purchased. It was decided that it was worth $10 hash cash to be rid of Jizz
for the rest of the evening.

Quotes: "Wow add skates and spin and you'd be golden" (I have no idea who
said this, or why, but it's amusing)
I have a note that One Drunk Walking got poked while vulnerable.

—- Cums Alone, your humble scribe

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