February 17th, 2008 - The Bitter Bitches/Valentines Day Sucks Ass Trail

THEME: The Bitter Bitches/Valentines Day Sucks Ass Trail
WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 17, 1:30 pm HST
START: Qdoba Mexican Grill near Wellington T Stop Medford
BEER CHECK: Lynde Street Park on Rt. 99 in Everett
ON-IN: Crystal Lounge across from Cambridgeside Galleria in Cambridge
DISTANCE: 5 or 6 miles A to B
HARES: Sucks Hard for the Money & Spunk in the Trunk
WEATHER: overcast, cloudy, getting colder as the day went on, ending with
sleet & drizzle
HASHERS PRESENT (in addition to the hares): a dozen hashers from CT
(including one birthday hasher Rick? Mr. Bill, Mrs. Bill, a transplant from
S. Africa-Clitoral Pee?), Goat Throat, Bend Over Mommy, Friar F*ck, Drippy
Spigot, Mr. Rogers, General *ss Pounder, Deep Black Hole, Dribbles, Virgin
Scott, Floppy Dick, Wang Chunks, and Cums Alone (me), Virgin Marty, My
Chemical Homance, Head Master, RA (Hogtown H3), Pig F-er, H2Ho (Hogtown H3),
Virgin John, Taj My Hole, Crucifucks, Hand Job, Decibelle (visitor from
Depits H3?), and many others (I planned to complete the list at the on-in,
but forces conspired against that)

The Start/the trail:
A Qdoba Mexican Grill is an interesting place to start a hash run. Yes, it
has beer, but with the ambiance of a sub shop. Adding to the interest, the
place had a number of "regular" customers. The hash packed the place,
filling every available corner. Eventually the hares took off and the pack
went outside for chalk talk. My pen wasn't working in the cold, so I was
unable to write down all names. You know if you were there.

At the start, I was the only walker. With a map, I followed a direct route
from A to the Beer Check. We passed shopping malls, and industrial areas. I
saw the pack running to and fro off to my left for most of the trail. I was
not last to the BC, but not first either. At the BC, in addition to the
usual beer, we had what appeared to be year-old valentine's candy. The pack
ate it anyway.

From the BC, trail went across the Alford St. Bridge over the Mystic River
and into scenic Charlestown. There was a headwind (yes, I said "head")
crossing the bridge. It was getting colder. Friar and one of the visiting
harriettes were walking along, as well. The temptation of the Sullivan Sq. T
stop beckoned. I was very cold. It was a very bad idea. Friar and Clitoral
Pee decided to continue walking to the end, while I waited for the Orange
Line train. It was a really bad idea. I waited over 20 minutes for a train
to go one stop. By the time I got to Community College, it had started to
sleet and rain. Trail, which I once again picked up, had faded badly. I
called the hotline, and walked up and down First Street, vainly looking for
the on-in. I believe the bar (Crystal Lounge) was there and I just walked
past it. Years ago, we had an on-in in a bar in the area that was unique. It
closed at some ridiculous hour (5 or 6 p.m.). Since I never found it, I have
no idea (a) if it was the same bar and (b) what happened at the on-in. Using
my psychic powers I am presuming Wang Chunks was RA, the visitors were
called into the circle, the virgins were demented, and that there were
various and sundry down downs for hash infractions. Hopefully, the pack had
better luck returning to A on the Orange Line than the experience I had.

Quote of the afternoon: "I'm not surprised Goat Throat wouldn't put that in his mouth." - Bend Over Mommy

- Cums Alone, lame-ass scribe

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