February 17 2003

Date: Monday, Febrewery 17th, 2003
Start: Swillo, Allston
Theme: Founding of Boston Nor'Easter Hash House Harriers
Beer Check: #1 = street corner
#2 = behind Moms Cummings's house??
#3 = patio section of Our House saloon thingy
On In: Swillo, Allston
Hares: Anal Avenger!, Wee Willie Wanker, Moms Cumming
Time: 6:30PM N'EHST
Total Distance: A couple miles
Scribe: One Drunk Shoveling
Weather: Blizzarding
Hounds: Hot 4 Jizz, Hot 4 Totz, One Drunk Walking, Stuff Me, Petting
Officer Sucking @ss, Muffalotta, Wintoes 69

Okayyyy, now its been over a week since this happened, plus I dont
have any notes at all, so well see what I can do for ya:

Start/Trail: H4J, H4T and I all got to Swillo in time for one quick
beer after hiking clear across Brookline from the B.Village
T stop. Trail was fun and easy, if you could get yourself
through the tempest to the start of this short and hard-
to-see run. Blizzards are about getting loud + drinking on
the street corner, and letting the whole exercise thing wait
for more clement conditions. Since I really cant remember
where the trail may or may not have wound through Allston,
lets dispense w/ the b.s. and get to the -

Beer Checks! #1: The Arctic-style partyin began w/ AA! cracking open
a backpack full of Rolling Rocks after being caught by Mr.
Wanker. Two of us collapsed into a big snowdrift. There
was some singing and junk like that.

#2: Here we were at a little spot formed by an inter-
section of a driveway and an alley or some sh!t. We hadnt
finished the Rocks yet so we kept going with those. There is
a funny group photo of all of us obscured by flakes someone
took… probably more songs.

#3: This was the extra fun one; People were still leaving
from and arriving at Our House, so we had to give a little
individual drunken comment to each of these people. Hot for
J!zz asked a young woman if shed like to come over for a
moment and share a can of beer with us. She replied, "No,
thanks, Im pregnant", and H4J responded, "It wasnt me!".
Then we were running out of drinks, so we played a
Thumb Game that AA! knew to decide who would go get more. I
lost (hmph!) and went down the block to the liquor store for
6 Budweiser pony bottles + 2 nips of some not very good
scotch. We finished all of this while continuing to harass
the entering/exiting Our House customers, and I brought the
empties back to Swillo.

On In/Circle: Okay, Im sure there were plenty of silly things that
happened in this circle, but I cant say that I remember a
whole lot of them… I do remember a meeting of the Crack
House Harriers out back, after the disappointing almost-final
Joe Millionaire False-Double-Cliffhanger (do you think the
Pres. of Fox is a hasher?). I also remember more songs
(the specific tunes escape me), and our RA, AA!, couldnt
seem to remember many lyrics either. I think it was mostly
the overwhelming sense of pride he felt at being the proud
papa of a newborn hash! Soon he couldnt even recall how to
talk right, so this highly structured hash ended, I guess.
On-Back to dig our cars out!
…food? It wasnt pizza! We decided to celebrate
this grand occasion by democratically going out into the
storm one by one + two by two and democratically choosing
our own godd@mn food. Some people chose Burger King I
think, but your scribe and Hot for Tots thought that going
way down to Rednecks BBQ would be worth it, and it was. I
think I speak for all those who attended when I applaud the
local foodmakers of Allston and their tireless commitment to
filling our bellies after a night of hell-rasing!

On on!

"This was not my best show…. but thats… o-kay."
-Stuart Smalley

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