February 16 2003

Date: Sunday February 16, 2003
Start: Sports Connection Dorchester Ave, Dorchester
Theme: the real Boston Full Moon Hash, plus the Full Moon $5 Hash
Beer Check: at the top of some friggin hill in S. Boston, where the beer
On In: Shannon's Tavern, South Boston
Hares: Deep Throat (aka Whine Rack, see below)
Time: 1:45 p.m. HST
Total Distance: 3 or 4 or so miles
Scribe: Cums Alone
Weather: very cold again, maybe 20 degrees, ice & snow on ground

Hashers Present: Deep Throat (hare), Oedipus S*x (hare), Just Adriana (2
hashes?, drove bag car), Anal Avenger, Cum Prick Pow, Cums Alone (scribe),
Dribbles, Friar F*ck, Grease My Monkey’s Nuts, Hole in the Bucket, Hot for
Jizz, The Jizzmopper, Master Gator, Mrs. Robinson, Muffalotta, One Drunk
Walking, Pat My Fly, Puff-n-Stuff, Shine On Harvard Moon, Snoreplay, Sponge
Bath Square Pants, Stuff Me, Sugar Plum Fairy, Swells Like Torn *nus, Velvet

Late Cummers: Impo-tent, Lickety Slit, WinToes69 (missed circle, made AA's
second full moon $5 hash)

Virgins: Mitch, Suzanne

Visitors: Bang Cock (Orlando H3), EverReady Special Edition (RI H3),
Kneeling Room Only (RI H3)

The Start and the Run:
As yes, yet another run in the cold cold weather. The hares were late to the
start because they were still setting trail (was this to be another death
march? We were afraid). Then Deep Throat had to go to the ladies room, so
the pack waited. We did Father Abraham in the middle of the explanation of
marks. 3 were on; falses would be marked (yeah, right, not really), and I
don't think we found the turkey/eagle split. The pack took off and went off
in the wrong direction from the first check. We did a basic circle jerk
around Andrew Square and went off in the general direction of South Boston.
We lost trail again near a housing project (the great chalk shortage has
recurred). The hares, who were short-cutting sent us through the project. We
then went along L Street Beach and then in toward the highest point in
South Boston. We again lost trail by Thomas Park at the top of the hill, but
fortunately a hasher yelled to us to cum on up. Sure enough, beer check
right on top of the hill, with beer "hidden" inside a locked gate (Jizz
climbed in, and said the cases would have to go over, but Deep Throat took
it from him and easily slid it through the gate). Some drank the frozen
slush beer, others did not. We then took off toward the on-in. Each check
had been marked through by the FRBs who had missed the beer check
accidentally and gone to the end (and then they ran back to the BC). So it
was more or less a zigzag directly to the on in.

The on in:

Puff & Stuff was RA, as usual. Comments on the run: "Too much whining by
hares", "Thanks for the run through the projects the day before garbage
day", "More ice!", "Never found trail", "Where's the f-ing beer check?",
"Ice in my beer", "Very manly girl". The hares did their down down and sang
the Charlie Mach (?sp) song … the man who invented beer.


Just Nicole was due for a name. We did not name her Tree Hugger, Bad Taste
In My Pants, Teaches for Tw*t, Likes Em Young, S*x Ed, Drill'em Young, nor
Teeter Tw*ter. We did name her Hot For Tots.

Whining: Deep Throat, and if one hare drinks, they all drink, Oedipus S*x,
too (he was beaten by a girl again).
New Shoes: EverReady, so she got to drink beer strained through her sock
(the Boston tea bag).
I believe Hot for Jizz and The Jizzmopper got a down down, or if they didn't
they should have, just on general principle.

Visitors: The Jizzmopper (BMH3), plus Flutterby, Kneeling Room Only,
EverReady, Bang Cock were given a down down and sang the Jesus Saves song.

Shine On was again dementoress for the virgins. She ordered them onto their
knees and said it reminded her of quote by a midget in an elevator "It
smells different from here".

Virgin Mitch said that his coworker, Pat My Fly, made him cum, and he likes
it doggie style.
Virgin Suzanne said that Oedipus S*x made her cum. He said that the square
root of 69 was 9 (close).
The virgins were given their down down, and were welcomed to hashing.

After all this, we had pizza and the hash cash ran out. So, Anal Avenger
decided it was time for the $5 Full Moon Hash (I believe it was an entirely
indoor trail, but I had to leave).

"I woke up with Mom's Cumming this morning." - The hung over Jizzmopper
"As long as you wear underwear around your neck, I'll follow you." - Velvet
Pelvis to Puff-n-Stuff
"Grease is good for Anal Avengers." - Anal Avenger (this line is only good
if you saw the motion involved)

And speaking of namings, story is that Deep Throat was given a new name at
the real Boston Moon $5 hash that immediately followed the regular hash. She
was named Whine Rack.
Just Melissa was named at the Friday Boston Moon Hash, Blame Canada.
(somehow had something to do with Hot For Jizz … doesn't he cum with a
warning label?)
Just Stephanie was also named at the Friday Boston Moon Hash: I'm Not Your Daddy

Cums Alone, your humble scribe

P.S. Pat My Fly, WinToes has your back pack, and also has One Drunk's camera.

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