December 31st 2006 - Happy New Beers

Hares: Nice Tits, Urinal Biscuit (Secret Hare), Inspector Gadget
Bag Car: Inspector Gadget
Pre-Lube: Sligo's, Davis Sq.
Beer Check #1:** Snatch's Apt.
Shot Check: Nice Tits's Apt.
Beer Check #2: Floppy's Apt.
On-In: Krusty's Apt.
Distance: 5 miles
Weather: 34 Degrees
Theme: Happy New Beer's
Scribe: Drippy Spigot
Lost On Trail: Floppy Dick
Visitors: Urinal Biscuit (Burlington, VT)

The Pack
Cums Alone, Deep Black Hole, Floppy Dick, G String, GeneralAss Pounder, Hare Club For Queers, Head Master, Jizzmopper, DrippySpigot, SpongeBath SquarePants, Spunk In The Trunk, Stick It To TheBros, Stinky Digit, Sugar Plum Fairy, Wet Willie, Krusty The MeatMiser, Just Alex

As the pack gathered at Sligo's, they immediately noticed something was different. Sligo's was the cleanest that it had ever been, and it didn't have that usual Sligo smell. Turns out someone had rented out Sligo's out for a New Year's party. But luckily for us it was not till 7pm so there was still time for a the pack to have a quick pre-lube.

Our over-achieving hare, Nice Tits, had metal tags made for everyone to commemorate the occasion. Also, in an unusual concern for thepack's safety, she also gave us all glow sticks to wear. After we hadall been properly illuminated, we gathered up out back for chalk talk. Trail was live, set in red flour and chalk, standard marks.

Trail went from Davis to Porter, and to our first beer check at Snatch's apartment. From Snatch's trail went up Elm Street towards Cambridge, and eventually to Harvard. Trail ran through Harvard Yard,and out to Harvard Square. Spunk, Spongy, Drippy and Krusty stopped at a bar in Harvard Square for an impromptu Jager check, because you can never have enough jagermeister in your life. From Harvard Square,trail arrived at Floppy's house for beer check #2.

After BC#2, trail went South towards the river, and eventually to NiceTits' place for a shot check. From the shot check, trail ran deeper into Cambridge and finally ended up at Krusty's apartment near theWhole Foods Market.

GAP was RA for the evening. Comments on trail included "Thank God the year is almost over", "BC is for Beer Check,not Back Check", and "Nice Tits, nice trail". The hares did their down down, and then they got to do it again because UB didn't take off his rasta-wig.

Next up were the visitors so UB (with the other hares) and JMo got todrink. Then GAP opened the floor to accusations. Wet Willie and DeepBlack Hole drank for backsliding. Krusty drank for being a secrethare because the on-in was at his place. Then it was decided that ifone Ginger Kid drinks, they all do, so Gap and SpongeBath got to drinkwith Krusty. Spongy got to drink for moving to NC and a bunch ofpeople got to do a shot for missing the shot check at Nice Tits'place.

There was plenty of beer and time to kill before the new year, so theaccusations just kept coming. JMo and Stinky D drank for a sweat testfailure for walking most of trail. G String drank for wearing a race shirt. Sugar Plum Fairy and G String drank for being DFL, Deep BlackHole drank for being FBI, and Hare Club drank as FRB.

GAP wrapped things up with a swing low, and the pack drank plenty ofbeer and ate home home cooked baked ziti while they waited for ABC towheel Dick Clark out of his cryogenic chamber to ring in the new year.


* "Can I have a bite of your burrito grande?" -Drippy to Jizzmopper
* "I need help getting dressed." -Spongy
* "That is the worst pick up line ever." -Wet Willie to Spongy
* "Is that yuengling or herpes? Either way it tastes great." -Unknown
* "I'm not sure how much I'll be sweating tonight." -Hare Club

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