December 19th, 2007 - Looking for Fresh Powdah

Hares: Jizzmopper
Bag Storage: Peppermint Pussy
Pre-Lube: Sligo's
Beer Check: Parking lot near park near Alewife
On-In: Sligo's
Distance: Around 4 miles
Weather: 30 degrees and slightly rainy
Scribe: DEEP Black Hole
Pre-Lube Attendants: Schindler's Fist
Late Cummers: GAP
The Pack: Drippy Spigot, Peppermint P*ssy, Floppy D*ck, Goes Down On Buoys, Hisc*xin, Sti ck It To The Bros, Wooden Eye F*ck Her In The *ss, You Oughta Blow, Corn On The C*ck, Hare Club For Queers


It was a dark and stormy night when a few brave hashers gathered at Sligo's pub to run the Cajun Tundra Moon Hash. Schindler's Fist joined the pack at the pre-lube, but did not run trail because she had a previous engagement (which she wouldn't tell the hash where it was….good move). Altho ugh many hashers were tempted to just stay at Sligo's after JMo left (It WAS A to A and it was rain ing), the brave hashers existed the intoxicating warmth of the pub.


Trail wound through some residential areas near Davis, then wound through a small park, some ten nis courts, and out toward some train tracks near Alewife. Many impromptu snowball fights ensued a long the way, as the rain made the snow especially packy. After running through a small tunnel, ove r a snowy hill, and unfortunately through a not very frozen marsh (JMo claims we were off trail - I 'm not so sure), trail continued past a large sledding hill. Hare Club and Stick It To the Bros to ok a run down the hill on some huge sign that was lying around, with Stick It catching some serious air time and almost becoming the first hash crash victim of the year. After running through what seemed like a mile of snow, the pack met JMo with the Tundra libations in the parking lot by the hu ge park, not too far from Alewife.

After the beer check, a few hashers decided they were getting frostbite and decided to T it back to Sligo's (Wankers - one of them was Wisconsin! Come on!) The rest of the pack followed trail b ack through the park (this time on actual paths which were cleared) and to the edge of the park and it's fence. Hashers had to climb the fence with the potential assistance (or unassistance, as it were) of some snowbanks. Let's just say that your scribe was NOT a fan of the fence. Some of the pack actually ran the last part of trail to Sligo's, but a few zenned themselves accidentally in th e wrong direction toward Harvard Square (Note: Drunk Hashers sometimes are not good navigators). B ut all was well because everybody made it back to Sligo's just in time for circle and plentiful amo unts of beer.


Hare Club was RA. JMo was brought into the circle as the Tundra Moon Hare. Comments on Trail i ncluded "Easy Listening Hash" (the pub was playing ridiculous amounts of WHAM! music), "Frostbite" "&$*#ing Fence". Floppy D*ck was brought into the circle at this point as a secret hare (allegedl y), and did their down-downs to "A Soldier I will Be". JMO attempted to sing "Wanking On the Plank ing" but transitioned into "Hand On Toe" or whatever that song is.

DEEP Black Hole drank for being a Backslider, Wooden Eye drank for being the FBI, Stick It drank for being FRB, and Drippy and DEEP Black Hole drank for being DFL. Yes, I can drink two beers at once. Drippy and Wooden Eye experienced Moon Burn due to lack of Crainum Covers, and thus drank. Wooden Eye Also was wearing a Racist shirt, and thus drank.

Next, there was a moon naming. Corn on the Cock had a KILLER story about falling asleep in the Crossroad's bathroom post-holiday party and waking up after 6.9 hours to find the bar closed, locke d, and everyone gone. As this story is one to go down in hash lore (apparently when you call 911 a nd tell them you got locked into a pub, they laugh at you), she was due for a naming. She was not named "Porcelain Goddess" or "Sh*ts for Cops" but instead was named "I Shat Myself to Sleep." Cong ratulations I Shat Myself to Sleep/Corn On the Cock!

The accusations continued. GAP had shiny new shoes, and thus had to drink out of them. DEEP Bl ack Hole was accused of getting her Masters(bate) degree, and thus received an honorary degree down -down. Yours truly was back in the circle again for getting hung up on the fence, and GAP was back in for whinning about how it was cold outside. Hashers who had subway hashed (Hiscoxin, Floppy, D rippy, DBH) down-downed. I guess You Oughta Blow and Wooden Eye had to drink for Cranium Cover def iciencies (didn't we do that twice?)

Then, the accusations became a bit ridiculous. All "foreign" hashers did a down-down (GAP, Stick It, Hare Club), Buoys made a false accusation (on what, I can't remember) and thus drank, and at t his point everybody and their mother was pointing in circle, so JMo, Drippy, Hare Club, and Floppy did down-downs. Because Wisconsin is such a cool state, Hiscoxin and DEEP Black Hole did down-down s. At this point, circle either ended or scribe went off duty.

Circle swang low, drank the rest of the beer, and a few hashers went to Red Bones to dine on the Barbeque of the Gods.


  • "When it's wet, it doesn't work" - You Oughta Blow
  • "Where's my Mullet, Bitch?!" - Goes Down On Buoys
  • "You got good eyebrow control - that's a sign of sexiness" - Goes Down On Buoys to harriette
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