December 13th, 2008 - The Nightmare before Hashmas

RSVP on the evite, even if you aren't a Raging Queen. Place your vote for the Holiday Hash Awards. We need your nominations to pick the winners. This is your chance to endorse, condemn, and expose your fellow hashers. Be a good American and get out the vote!

This is a party, not a trail. Just act like Wang and show up to drink. For a theme, think Christmas-goth. If you aren't aware of this Tim Burton classic, watch the trailer for more info. Basically we just wanted to give Krusty a reason to wear eyeliner. Bring a ~$10 gift for the yankee swap. A "yankee swap" is basically a big gift exchange where you get to either open a new present or steal someone else's present, and this goes on until I am in the lucky new owner of this. And, by the way, Hash Cash is still $10 thanks to the Hash Cash Bailout Plan!

Have some photos from the Muddy Charles you wanna share? Click here to email them. If you do, they will show up below! Just make sure that you send an email to moc.bewasacip|serutcip.hsahnotsob#moc.bewasacip|serutcip.hsahnotsob with the EXACT Subject: 2008 Holiday Party

Check Out A "Best Of" Selection of This Year's Nominations for Hash Awards

Best Trail of the Year

  1. GAP's shiggy trail with a beer check on an island. We had to swim several hundred meters to and from the check. The black guy almost sank. The 2nd half of trail was washed out by a monsoon, and wandered around a graveyard for over half an hour.
  2. I call a late nomination for gaps 'sorry about the storm drain tetnus' hash this past Sunday. How in fuck did we get cut off at the silhouette?? Plus we got to know Cuffy version 2.69 who let sugar plum rub his cranium.
  3. Fahhh…Lufhhh…YYYyyy……hash
  4. I would have to say my first time… BBQ…. even though I got hurt, I had such a great time that I keep c*mming back… on-on
  5. Kittens and Cougars Hash! I may be biased since I was the co-hare, but I lost my hare virginity that hash and it was freaking sweet. I was wishing the whole time I could actually be with the pack to experience it with them because I was so excited about the trail. I loved that we could incorporate the penis exhibit on the corner of Comm Ave. and then the On-In was great with the BBQ and of course my Mom did a down down with me!
  6. Wang Chunks and Immaculate Erection for the Shiggy trail that smelt like crap, my clothes smell like crap (even to-date)..running through waist deep mud/water/shit/..etc in the bhogs/swamp..couldnt have been a better trail and did I mention it was lightning and raining!! Trail of the year for me!!
  7. Stabbin Hill - Wang/STD - run on the beach, food other than pizza, on-in at someone's house, and enough tit checks to make everyone happy
  8. AGM - Well marked, interesting area, good start/finish choices, fall in the Fells
  9. JMo and Stinky's Wedding trail. 4 weddings, 1 Bruce Willis film shoot, and 1 hash swim stop on 1 trail.
  10. In-Da-Panties Day Hash
  11. Mommy/Goat's Dorchester jaunt - new and exciting scenery
  12. October 26: Halloweenie Hash. Fun costumes, great location. Not too long, neither.
  13. Do moon trails count? I loved Necropheliac Jack's recent moon trail. It was a huge turnout, a beautiful warm November night, just long enough to make it feel like work but short enough to get me to the beer fast enough. Plus we got busted up by the cops at the on-in. Pretty sweet.
  14. STd and stick it to the bro's trail, yes it was way to long but ended at the classic hong kong with lots of kareoke singing and a really fun time
  15. Nice Tits - Back to Basics - bringing back how a trail should be!
  16. Marathon's Hangover Hash, not much to trail but an awesome party!
  17. "The Running of the Hashers"

Worst Trail of the Year

  1. The GAP Sewer Trail , I wasn't there but I believe the gap trail where people traveled through a sewer gets my vote here.
  2. GAP's sewer spectacular trail. Not that I am against almost killing hashers… but one of the hashers almost killed was a virgin … and a cute one at that.
  3. GAP's storm drain/double CB25 extravaganza - I am going to be sending him my therapy bills
  4. Had to be a GAP trail again.
  5. Hands down, GAP's trail early in the Sunday season with the sewer pipe screw up
  6. GAP - Although I have been a giant backslider; I think I can safely vote for any GAP trail and have it win this category…
  7. Gap/Spoonfull 10/12/08

Rookie of the Year

  1. Target Practice… love that harrierette! She brought some fun virgins too :)
  2. Shawskank…. crawled through sewer I believe on virgin trail, came back…and hared before being named…
  3. Coochie Monster numnumnum
  4. My other nominee would be STD… he's not new to hashing, but he is new to us… he's done mad work for the hash this year, organizing his own pirate away week-end at his cabin, picking up GM of the Moon hash when Nambla got injured…the list just goes on and on and on-on
  5. Monthly Cycle (emeritus)
  6. I Eat Teabags
  7. Just Katelyn (f—I know she has a name, but can't remember it)
  8. I'll go with Necrophiliac Jack.
  9. Seizure for (a) the story of his naming, (b) hosting the summer bbq, (c) smuggling a favorite Harriett to another country, (d) bringing a psycho girl to the Marathon hangover hash

The Spirit Award

  1. GAP
  2. Necrophiliac Jack
  3. STD- carrying a bamboo poll with panties attached to it - talk about a new hash flag and some uncomfortable running.
  4. I Eat Cum… . the man drives all the way from Ludlow just to go hashing.… and then get laid, and he was doing it before he was getting laid.
  5. Seizure Salad - for joining the hash in a business suit and then becoming our number 1 fan
  6. Teabags. Wow.
  8. Me because I disgusted every one for the first three months of my hashing lol (- self-nomination submitted by I Eat Teabags)
  9. Necrophiliac Jack - way to lead people through tunnels.
  10. Monthly Cycle (even though she moved to Costa Rica).
  11. IEC! Because he drives in most weeks from F**king Ludlow to hash, and then get laid, and he was doing it before he was getting laid.
  12. Goat Throat. He moved to Oregon, and still goes to more Boston events than I do.
  13. Laa-Laa, that dude is crazy!

Best New Hash Name

  1. Menopause is Awesome. Priceless.
  2. Hoover McSuck and Fuck (I laugh every time)
  3. Taint My Problem. I love her name, simple and a great story.
  4. Necrofiliac Jack
  5. Coochie Monster numnumnum
  6. Better Late than Pregnant
  7. I Eat Teabags… I just think the story is funny… the man had IEC's balls on his head. That is funny! And a little scary.
  8. Seizure Salad, although I doubt he will be there
  9. Shawskank
  10. Going Down Syndrome
  11. Jamaican Me Cum
  12. Placentos, the Fresh Maker
  13. O Limp Dick
  14. I guess 'monthly cycle' (who could also be hash crash nominee due to how she got her name….hah…it's a period piece).
  15. Tastes Like Fish and Chips (Just Zoey, a week before she moved back to England)
  16. Target Practice
  17. I don't know who all these new f*ckers are.. I would need a list from which to pick. Senility is setting in …
  18. I can't friggin remember any

Hash Crash of the Year

  1. Seizure. And he came back. Only Boston hasher I can remember who got an ambulance ride.
  2. Group Award to everyone who went in the sewer on the GAP trail
  3. Beat By A Girl… falling through a door in circle at AGM… .it warranted him being elected hash drunk.
  4. Didn't IETeabags get hit by a car?! Whoever got hit by a car.
  5. I Eat Teabags getting hit by a car. That shit was funny.
  6. Yo Better Late Than Pregnant. She couldn't even make it 10 feet into her first trail without major bodily injury. That is wack. Shawskank rolled her ankle on her second trail but not even close to as severe as Preggers did.
  7. Red Tip Shark…well maybe not a hash crash, but his arm, oh boy!
  8. Hare Club - St. Paddy's Day Trail
  9. Just Katelyn at the picnic. If you were there, you know.
  10. Instead, BBAG and Catheter the Great. Everyone witness during AGM when he got off the ice, with pants still down, he chased her around the circle until he fell onto her, and she went through a door behind her. Thankfully they didn't go down the stairs that were behind the door! Hmmm… why am I nominating when my naked boyfriend fell on my sister???
  11. Taj My Hole. The amount of a) enthusiasm b) beer c) poor judgment it took for him to attempt to jump one of those planted boulders in Porter Sq, miss disastrously, and end up breaking his face, is truly hashmanlike.

Best Costume on Trail

  1. Stick It to the Bros for being Lando Calrissian.
  2. Tinkerbell/Green Fairy - bend over mommy!
  3. Krusty as the Big Lebowski
  4. Hare Club as a Mexican
  5. Bros, for the Obama Costume, or maybe the black guy who 'dressed up as Bros' at one of the hashes.
  6. Fisty as Wonder Woman… it is both a good costume and she seems to wear it for any possible reason.
  7. I liked Wang in my bridesmaid dress at Marathon. Although I was impressed with STD's panty flag for In-Da-Panties Day.
  8. I think it was Just Laura? Halloweenie Hash, she was a One-Eyed-One-Horned-Flying-Purple-People-Eater.
  9. Track Star Hash- How can you forget those yellow pants?! And the to-do clip board list that ended with 'motorboat a harriette'.
  10. Bisexual Bondage Bitch's dirty schoolgirl outfit
  11. NAMBLA in red dress & wig with mustache at marathon
  12. STD'S ninja turtle (or nambla's he man—runner up)
  13. Hand Job's little green Marathon dress. That was ridiculous.
  14. Spoonfull as the samurai warrior

The US Weekly Award

  1. The motorcycle incident.
  2. Bathroom check at going down syndromes trail from october haha I believe it was 2 stories for the price of 1.
  3. Monthly Cycle/Seizure Salad hooking up for 5 minutes and moving to Central America together
  4. Seizure Salad. A new harriette every trail, or the *attempt* at a new one every trail. Bringing the chick he picked up on the Orange line last night to the marathon hangover hash the next day. Having her turn out to be a stalker.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

  1. I think ski is going to get this award every year for the next 20 years. Ski is my vote.
  2. STD — he's not old but has like a lifetime Darwin Achievement Award and thus might not make it to next year.
  3. Ski… or Friar… . Or Ski… .or Friar.
  4. Bobbit of the Ski. I love that guy.
  5. I'd give it to 'Ed Master. That guy is an unsung hero.
  6. Hare Club doesn't get enough credit for his work as Hash Cash. And now that he's married we'll probably lose him at any time.
  7. Nips. I now have all emails notarized before posting them to the runs list. Seriously, though, she and drippy did an excellent job as GM's and probably deserve some kind of award.
  8. I'll go with Cuffy. He's not old, but how the he'll did he convince starfish to say yes?? That's some solid use of waterboarding.
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