April 7th, 2001

Date: Saturday April 7, 2001
Theme: Full moon
Start: The Reef
Beer Check: Home of Rodent Felcher (this is the preferred spelling of felch, no "t"), Just My Size and Hamilton
Circle: A dock
On In: Reef again, also Watch City Brewing Co.
Time: 6:00P HST
Total Distance: Counters dont drink and drinkers dont count
Scribe: One Drunk Walking
Weather: So nice, you could even see the moon. Kinda chilly though

The Cast:

These were hares: The J!zzmopper, Limp Weiner, One Drunk Walking.

These were hounds: An@l Avenger!, D2R, Wimp ("Darrell") from the cape, Craig from Canada, Nippstik, Steaming Bush, Joe Kelly, The Fat One, Rebekah(?), Sugar Plum Fairy, Rodent Felcher, Viagra Doubtfire, Lube Me In, C*ckaholic, Tongue Me Please (and her roomate), Stuff Me, Pat My Fly.

This hound came from a faraway land: Esteban - Caracas, Venezuela.

These hounds are due to get named: Jason, Elisa.

And these individuals were very late: Wintoes 69, Rectal.

Start of Run:

It pains me to say that at 6P on Saturday I was so sober I couldn’t even order a drink properly. The barkeep thought I was saying a shot of J+B when what I needed was a Jim Beam and Coke. I was not right in the head. Wimp and Craig showed up right after I got to The Reef, and they were wondering if this was the offical starting point of the hash. I wasn’t sure since I had also heard commuter rail stop, but apparently it was. Every couple of minutes a few more hashers walked in to the bar, which had an interesting decor as Elisa pointed out - I guess its always got a tacky maritime motif due to its name, but there were also touches of Easter added on top of this which created a bizzare, shocking clash that took quite a few minutes to decipher and a lot more to get used to. Almost sickening in a way…

Upon vacating The Reef I tried to give some instuctions for virgins on the sidewalk in front, but I was doing a terrible job of it so Nippstik graciously spelled me (J!zzmopper was already off setting more trail). He also volunteered his van for a bag car. Eagles went right, turkeys went left, and I stood there for a moment to figure out what I was supposed to do. Oh yeah, make sure Eagles are on the right track. So I meandered along the trail, keeping an eye out for marks people had left in front of me. After a long zigzag section I saw Pat My Fly going the wrong way, so I
flagged him down and we went the rest of the way together. As we traversed a large graveyard a big black cloud was hanging ominously overhead. Many souls have passed from this world lately in Waltham - fresh dirt on top of lots of graves was evidence of this. From here we shortcutted the large rectangle jerk that was set earlier and probably didnt fool anyone. Rats. The two trails merged together right before the beer check which we arrived at last. Jokes were made by people who do not understand the concept of sweeping.

Beer Check:

Risti and Rodent were serving the Michelob Light that Jmopper had brought, but they also had some top-shelf black and tans that I didnt get to try. Noone had gotten lost yet so things were alright. Watched the pack go back and forth in front of the house as I finished my beer. Viagra and Lubey were here but not at the start, and Im not sure if they actually followed any trail whatsoever? The important thing is they were drinking. By now twilight was upon us - time to smoke some herb. Pat My Fly and I took the most direct route we could back to the path along the river and I blazed up. Again we were the last two hashers to arrive, but people were still congregating so we hadnt missed much. As the nuttiness commenced I stepped away briefly to indulge once more w/ a certain other amateur botanist. She can roll a right fine spliff if I do say so myself.

Circle + On In/After:

J!zz was quaffing our down-down for being hares when we returned. The turnout was about twice as big as predicted so we had a *gasp!* BEER SHORTAGE on our hands. Can you say fastest circle ever? Zoomed through perfunctory down-downs for visitors and virgins, one real quick verse of Swing Low, and it was time to skeedaddle. Although we couldnt stay long this was definitely the most romantic location for a circle this scribe has ever seen.

A few of us went over to Watch City for some quality beers while the rest went back to The Reef. That Titan ale is a contender for the best around in my opinion. Its a good thing we decided not to eat there as the prices are steep for mediocre eats. So upon returning to the start Nippstik said he knew a great Mexican place nearby that was a fantastic bargain. I cant descibe how cool this place is w/o using strings of expletives. Cheap everything including drinks and open late. Its so dope I think Ill have to move across the street from it.


I reckon you buckeroos got a hankering fer some suds this weekend. Unlucky Pubcrawl starts at 6:30-7P this Friday the 13th at Charlie Flynns on Tremont Street they tell me. Much beer will be spilled and many articles of clothing are bound to get lost. Be sure to place your wager as to the exact time Mr. Felcher reaches his post-verbal state. Join us or die.

Until then, pasta la vista y buenos nachos,
-One Drunk Walking

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