April 19, 2008 - Marathon Main Event, Ladies Night!

DATE: April 19, 2008
HARES: The Jizzmopper and Stinky Digit
BAG CAR: Wang Chunks, Sugar Plum Fairy
PRE-LUBE: McFadden's
BEER CHECK 1: (r*nners only): On the Harbor, across from the airport, in view of the convention center
BEER CHECK 2: Dog Park in Southie
BEER CHECK 3: BEER CHECK OF THE YEAR! Planets in an apartment complex. Specifically held at Uranus.
ON-IN: The VFW in Southie
DISTANCE: 4-5 Miles
WEATHER: A beautiful Hashing Day with Sun and Wind
ATTENDANCE B*TCH: Hare Club for Queers

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