April 18th, 2005 - Boston Marathon Beer Check @ Mile 20

Okay … I am all mixed up on who ran and who watched … my notes are more garbled than usual.

Date: Monday April 18, 2005
Theme: Boston Marathon Beer Check at Mile 20
Hares: Viagra Doubtfire & Lube Me In
On-in: The Crossroads in Boston, intersection of Mass. Ave. & Beacon St.
Time: 12:00 noon pack of overachievers away
Total Distance: 26.2 miles
Scribe: Cums Alone
Weather: a beautiful warm spring day, sunny (too hot for running a marathon, probably 65-70 degrees)

Hashers Present: Just Amy, Anal Fission, At Your Cervix (newlywed), Band Camp, Breast Feeder, Butt Floss (Ithaca H3), Cream Whora, Cum Prik Pow (newlywed), Cums Alone, Cums on Vacation (Happy Valley), Doggie Treat, Donald Dick (White House H3), Just Erin, Florence Night in Jail, Frodo the Gay, Hare Club for Queers, High An*s, Holy O!Zone, Homo-Bile, Hot for J!zz, ignore me I’m a civilian (friend of one of the many hashers present), I Left My Heteros8xuality in San Francisco (his annual appearance), IMEZRU, Just Jason, License to Spill, Littleneck, Lube Me In (hare), Just Mary, Mary Kay (Newport H3), Master Gator, Mom’s Cumming, More Head, Muffalotta, Nippolean (Newport H3), Pat My Fly, Puff-n-Stuff, Sextion 8 (Honolulu H3), Rocky Mountain Ho - Colorado (backslider), Rodent Feltcher, Just Sara (Happy Valley), Shine On Harvard Moon, Shorn Scrotum, Sir Jerks a Lot, Ski Bobbitt, Sponge Bath Square Pants, Spread Em (Happy Valley), Suck Faster B*tch*, Sugar Plum Fairy, Swamp Thang (a backslider, she appears every marathon Monday), Telecum (White House H3), Trail Hoover, Velvet Pelvis, Viagra Doubtfire, Just Victor, Watergate (White House H3), Yeast Infection, You’re Not My Daddy, … and probably several others

Ran by the BC without stopping: Cherry Poppins (she did wave to us)

Stopped for a beer at the BC: Boner in the Circle, Dum & Dummer, Eat Me (of the semi-defunct Worchester H3), Ewe Haul (he wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when he got to the beer check), Lips & Assholes, Ass Shank & Wank, Evil Jesus, The Jizzmopper, Wolfgang VonBlitzf*cker, Who Blew JR (Ottawa) and I didn't see them but I heard Sh*t Eating Grin ran, and possibly Pubic Perm … probably several more (they went by sooo fast), Lickety Slit

Ran to mile 20 as a training Run: Ass Blaster, Scratch & Sniff

Trail: A huge pack of hashers gathered by the side of the marathon route on Monday. It was a festive occasion for us … nice warm day, very relaxed. Unfortunately, when the weather is good enough to be sitting around outside enjoying a beer, it means it's a little warm to be running a marathon. We waited anticipating the arrival of overachieving hashers. Beers were poured into cups to be administered to the marathoning hashers. We had plenty of beer, thanks to everyone who brought enough for their own consumption, plus some extra.

We watched the wheel chair racers spin by, and then the elite women … who had a half hour head (yes, I said it) start on the men.

Then a pack of African runners came by … and then more and more runners flew by. And a few stopped for beer. And then more said “what the heck” and had a beer. There were non-hashers taking a beer break. This started sooner than usual, so you know it was a tough day.

The pack stuck around til 4:30 or 5 and then hashers went into Boston to greet the marathoning hashers at the Crossroads. And it was good.

Quotes from the ER on Sunday: "As long as it hurts less than a bikini wax, that's fine." - Muffalotta regarding having her toe popped back in by the doctor

—- Cums Alone, your humble scribe

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