April 17th, 2003 - Full Moon Run

Starting a new tradition for the Full Moon Run . Whoeveris the co-hare with Jizz has to do the write up. This just raises the torture level Not only being around Jizz for a couple of hours more than anybody in their right mind would want, but ya got to write about it.

Start: Kinsale: Pseudo over priced Irish Pub with an attitude. They seem to actually not want to sell you beer.
Time: Despite Whine Rack"s feeble attempt to change the time, it was 6:30 HST . Hare away @ 7:15 ish.
Distance: 2.53 Km
Finish: The infamous Hong Kong next to the market.
Conditions: Bright , sunny start, could actually see the Moon. Little chilly though. Even the Canadians were whining.
The Hares; Jizz, Ski, & Heat ( Bag Car & Beer check bitch)
Memo to hash: Heat is a newbee who can actually read a map & shows other disturbing signs of competency.

Didn't know I was gonna do this. There was about 20. I think about 5 or 6 were out of towners. Can remember some names. So as to antagonize everyone, I won't mention any.

After waiting around for latecummers ,Hares did the chalk/ flour talk. Jizz was off to set trail. Iwas sweeper . Trail started t up behind Center Plaza.. From here, the pack immediately started going to Somerville.. After noticing that there was no trail, they came back to trail that wandered by the Parker House, Pie Ally , Through the market to the North End . Somehow we got to go by Sully's Tap ( Clearly marked No No). . The hare got us into a Garage while the pack yet again headed for Somerville. Out the other side of the Garage., through the an apt. complex.( The Sweep met an old flame . We remarked how great we looked. We lied then & now, but that's another story) to yet another garage to Charles River Plaza . Finally , the Beer Check was at an apt across the street from the Plaza at the foot of Beacon Hill . I the sweep show up & notice a problem . Everyone is waiting. Oops . Heat tried to do everything at once ( See above memo to hash) . We got in out of the wind to a back yard. While it had certain charms, it had sort of an Iiraqi prison feel about it Wonder what heat's sister thought when she returned to her semi trashed place. Memo to newbee hashers: Ya might thinks its a great idea to have a beer check or On at your house: NOT!

We finally threw Jizz out into the cold to finish the trail. We gave him about 20 seconds Up the hill , though e Common. Here the pack got confused The hare started using flour. The Pack having no collective memory didn't know what to do. Once I explained what it was for, they were off. From the Commons it was pretty straight forward to the Kong.

AA led the Circle , the Hares were brought in. Everone remarked what an excellent well marked trail it was . No problems , piece of cake. The compliment just wouldn't stop. To a unanimous thumbs up, the hares did their down downs. Out of towners were introduced , sang , * drank What memory I have seems that there weren't a lot of accusations. did swing low. I left * went home to da Wife's fried egg face greeting. The one after every hash that i go to.

As always, any evidence that spell chex, proof reeden & editen was done is strictly accidental & I'll try not to do it again.


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