April 16th, 2001 - Marathon Beer Check

Beer Check: Just past the 20 mile water stop on Comm Ave, Newton
On-In: Crossroads, Beacon St. off Mass Ave., Boston
Hares: Johnny Kelly in lead car, plus a bunch of Kenyan runners
Time: 12:00 p.m. EDST
Total Distance: 26.2 miles
Scribe: Cums Alone
Weather: approx. 55 degrees F, sunny
Present: a bunch of voyeuristic hashers.

On Marathon Monday, we had a great number of hashers at the Beer Check just past mile 20. The HHH flag was strung high in a tree, courtesy of the combined efforts of Rodent Feltcher and Anal Avenger. The Newport Storm Banner faced the oncumming runners. One hasher held a Beer Check sign. This brought quite a bit of attention.

We were joined by a couple of Boston Hashers who have the backsliding award of the millennium … Call Girl (a former Grand Mattress) and her husband YoYo (and their 2 kids, one is Call Waiting, the other not named). Shine On was most excited to see them, since they were the hares at her very first hash. It was great to see them, and we have a promise that they will indeed return to the hash.

There was also a Cum By Yah sighting … he noticed us at the roadside as he was on his way to join others elsewhere on the route. He has returned to the DC area. Was good to see him, as well.

Speaking of DC, Ashley, one of my sister’s DC coworkers ran the Marathon (I was supposed to cheer her on, but never saw her). Ashley said she was running behind “some woman wearing rabbit ears, with a weird saying on the back of her shirt”. Ah yes, Ashley remembered that the rabbit-ear-woman had stopped to grab a beer from us. Unless the beer greatly inhibited performance of said harriette, she would have finished somewhere around 3:25 or less (a respectable performance).

Hashers had started to appear at the Beer Check, with times that would have them finishing in the 3-hour neighborhood. Many stopped for a beer. Must have seen S&M Vibrator (but I know not of his personal attributes!) and Fungi (ditto!). We were mooned twice and one harriette flashed us. Scratch and Sniff arrived and disrobed … out of his very fine polyester leisure suit, to show off his undies (formerly mine). He did not continue in just panties, which was good since there was a head (yes I said it) wind.

We waited and waited for our GM, WinToes, to appear. Menage a Tw*t ran by, but had not seen him. Stuff Me arrived and said he was behind her, but had not been feeling well since the 10 mile mark. We waited and still he did not appear. Just as we were beginning to think that he might have dropped out at the Fire Station (near his house), WinToes came running up to us. He wisely and bravely made the decision not to continue. Viagra gave him her shirt so he would have a dry one. From there, the majority of the hashers departed for the Crossroads. I went and got a massage.

Cums Alone, BH3 Scribe

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