Webmeisters Past & Present

3rd & Current Generation Website

With the help of wikidot.com and embedded objects from Google and Yahoo, P*ss Stop took all the content from Velvet's site, added more and came up with this new website that you see here today. It takes advantage of new technology and embedded functionality available on the web so that we can further attempt to share in the update of content and new features. Velvet is still the webmeister and now so is P*ss Stop. If you want to contribute, talk to P*ss Stop!

2nd Generation Website

ten.sivlev|pv#sivleP tevleV created and maintained the Boston website which was first published on May 15th, 2004. He allegedly spent 8 months putting the site together; from a drunken idea to relative completion. He had continued support from Friar F, the first ever webmeister of the Boston Hash. Master Gator and Public Nuisance contributed lots of content to make the site what it was. Puff N' Stuff contributed some written content and as always spoils us with his graphical expertise. Cums Alone contributed the majority of our write ups and was very helpful in compiling the members list. Web-Nova supplied a free copy of their DHTML menu code, the calendar is a modified version of Andrew Heidgerken's ImpCal version 2.0, and some content was updated using Solmetra's Spaw WYSIWYG editor.

1st Generation Website

This is really the website that brought the Boston Hash out of the dark ages. Can you imagine the hash before we had a website? Friar F*ck can! And that's why he moved the hash from a paper newsletter mailed out to all the hashers to an actual website which he maintained for many years up until Velvet introduced a new and improved one. He created the site and kept all of it's content up to date. Much if it was incorporated into the new site. In fact, he was also the self nominated Hash Flash and to this day he still hosts all his photos online at his website. You might even see photos of Ski Bobbitt before his depends got the better of him!

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