Join us for the 2010 Pearl Necklace!

Hey you asked for it, and we'll get it to you… another 13 miles of Pure Stupidity brought to you by a new cast of idiots in another area of Boston. You up for it?

What: Pearl Necklace (North Side) 13.1 miles including 3 sections of trail (1+ beer check and 1 circle per leg)
When: Oct. 16th starting at 10 AM, going till we finish!
Why: Because you love it, want it and NEED it
Hares: Nice T*ts, An*l Beads, Mexican Humping Queen, Maid of Honor, Fire in the Hole and Plus2Coonass
Bag Car: Willy Wonka and the BackDoor Factory
Cost: $26 if paid in cash or check, $28 if paid by paypal to cover the fees
Cap: limit of 40
T-shirts: Pre-orders have closed already

Please sign up @

Please sign up to get a space, although the only thing that guarantees a spot is cold hard CASH.

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