Beer Check @ Boston Marathon Mile 20

Every year on Marathon Monday we support the Marathoners by offering them beer at Mile 20. I mean, they are thirsty, right? If you want to join us, find us at the Mile 20 marker on Commonwealth Ave in the median strip.

Where is Mile 20?
Mile 20 is located at Commonwealth Ave and Chestnut Terrace in Newton. We meet and hang out on the grassy median strip, you'll see our giant sign. The closest T is Newton Center on the Green Line. It's about a 0.6 mile walk from Newton Center to Mile 20.

How Can I Get to Mile 20?
Check out the google map, print out this one pager, or follow these directions: Take the Green Line to Newton Center. Exit the train on the Outbound side. Proceed up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, take a right on Henrick St. Take a Left on Langley Road. Cross Beacon St. Bear right onto Sumner St. Continue on Sumner St. to Commonwealth Ave. Turn Right on Comm Ave. Find us in the median strip! The wheelchair ladies come by first at 10am & stragglers at 2pm or so.

Then What?
After the marathon, whether you ran it or ensured hydration for the runners, we meet up for drinks somewhere, check the calendar for specifics. It's the final post-lube, so don't miss it!

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