Meet the (Newly Named) Hashers

May 28th, 2008 - Just Katie Named Taint My Problem
The last order of business before circle ended was the naming of Just Katie. A couple stories were told, and some truly unfunny names were proposed. I mean, not shocking or terrible or cruel or anything. They were just … not … good. In the end, it was Seizure Salad’s proposal of “Taint My Problem” that won the vote. Welcome to the hash, Taint.


May 7, 2008 - Just Brian Named Seizure Salad
Just Brian was found at the On~In at a Marathon Prelube Hash. He was a barfly wearing a business suit… who changed into his gym clothes to "fit in" with the hash. We haven't been able to get rid of him ever since. He'd given us lots of material for a naming, but who could resist G-String's interpretation of a name that you get when you pass out and convulse on trail, then end up in a hospital and don't know how you got there??? Welcome to the hash, Seizure Salad!

April 20, 2008 - Just Courtney Named Boa Cuntstrictor
Just Courtney was up first. I think some stories were told, but I don't remember because I was distracted by a shiny object I could see from BBAG's roofdeck. It was called the STATE HOUSE. Anyway, Just Courtney was not named Scrooge McF*ck, Dead F*cking Bird, or F*ck My Feathers, but instead was named Boa Cuntstrictor. Welcome to the hash, Boa Cunstrictor!


April 20, 2008 - Just Timmy Named I Heart Poo
Just Timmy "timmaay!" was also due for a naming. There were some good stories about how Timmaay was an accident for his parents, that he likes zoo animals, and he likes to look at animal poo. Suggestions for Just Timmy's hash name included Should Have Been A Blow Job, Jungle Booty, and Jeter Eater. However, at that point, a sign in the sky from the Hash Gods (no kidding - real plane contrails appeared) said "I heart". The hash isn't one to mess with the Gods, so in light of Just Timmy's poo fascination, he was named I Heart Poo. Welcome to the hash, I Heart Poo!

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