Super Heroes & Villains @ Marathon Weekend 2013!

Faster than a speeding FRB! More powerful than a double orgasm! Able to leap tall shiggy in a single bound! Look! Over in the alley! It’s a Hare! It’s a Wanker!… It’s Super Hare & Wonder Wanker!

Join the Boston Hash as we take to the streets for our annual Boston Marathon Hash Weekend à la Super Heroes & Villains! So get those capes and codpieces at the ready because we’ve planned a SUPER event complete with pre-lube, beer check(s), party and fatboy. Registration includes the Main Event hash on Saturday, a lot of beer, a favorite BH3 venue, catered food, a giveaway, and a SUPER great time.

The main event is Saturday, April 13th, 2013!

Invite other hashers on facebook and on hashspace!!

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