The Hashmas Holiday Party will be on December 12th, 2009!!

Every December the BH3 gathers together in the spirit of the season to share a few brews, reminisce about the past year, and give awards to the most under and over achieving hashers in our kennel. Awards include such pack favorites as Best Trail, Worst Trail, Most Improved Hasher, Best Hash Crash, and Worst Hash Name. There is also a Yankee Swap (think liquor, porn, Hello Kitty Stationary, anything from Spencer’s Gifts… just as long as it is under $10) and the chance to sit on Santa’s lap! Past Santas have included JMo Claus, Friar Claus, and Cuffy Claus and most recently Nambla Claus… and who doesn't like a good Nambla Claus?

2009: RSVP for Hashmas 2009 - Silent Nighties
2008: Year of the Skinniest Drunk Santa ever
2007: Cuffy's People Pics from the Redneck Christmas Party
2006: Cum is Kosher flashed! Well, you know what I mean…
2005: Boner In Circle became hash flash for the night
2002: Cums Alone's writeup makes it seem like only yesterday
2001: Hash Trash & Hash Flash were in full force
2000: More pics of Merry Mingles Past

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