Hasher's Paradise by Twat My Mom

As I sit at the pre-lube waiting for the hash trail
I take a look at my ale and realize it's very pale
Cause I’ve been drinkin’ and runnin’ so long that
Even my doctor thinks that my liver is gone
I ain’t never accused a hasher that didn’t deserve it
Unscathed through the shiggy, you know that’s unheard of
The hares better watch what checks they be layin’
No tit checks on trail? I be complainin’
Looking ‘round the circle, I’m with my people
Drinking PBRs this shit never ever make me full
RA calls me to the center, now it’s my turn
On my knees on the groun’
Ready for my down-down

On the hash that we run, there’s no sobriety
Cause the beers that we hold are 6.9 ABV

Been spending most my night drinkin' in a Hasher’s Paradise
Been spending most my night runnin' in a Hasher’s Paradise
Keep spending most my night humpin' in a Hasher’s Paradise
Keep spending most my night uhnuhnuhnin' in a Hasher’s Paradise

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