The World Hash Directory

Every other year the World Interhash takes place at some random location around the world. It's a multi-day event hosted by hashers for hashers. Every GM present at the World Interhash votes on where the next one will be. But back to the topic at hand; at the World Interhash one of the giveaways is a book of all the hashes in the world. It contains contact information and where and when each hash sets trail. At the World Interhash in Perth, they had the brilliant idea of distributing it on a CD. POM from Hawaii posted his copy online for all to see, so I downloaded it to post on this site. If you want to travel to hashes far, far away then forget Lonely Planet, this is the guide for you. Download it now or view it below. It's a pretty large pdf of 3MB or so and it has over 100 pages… so it may take some time to download or view in your browser. If you go to the 2010 World Interhash in Borneo, send us the updated directory!

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