Hash Songs

Always wanted to sing, but the church chorus just wasn't for you?
Ready to belt it out in the circle, but don't know the words?
Don't know how many sons Father Abraham has?
Still trying to figure out the name of that bear in the deep dark woods?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you've come to the right place!

Lucky for you, your ancestral hashers (Puff’n Stuff, Harpoontang, Basket Boom Boom, The JizzMoppa, Pig F*cker, An*l Avenger, Cum Titty, Sphincter Sicle, and Flying Booger) have prepared for this very moment and put together the Boston Hash Hymnal. All you have to do is print out the Hash Hymnal and put it under your pillow. We guarantee that through osmosis you will be able to memorize these songs. If (by chance) this doesn't work, you could always print it out and bring it with you so you can sing along in the circle. I promise, all the cool kids are doin' it and you won't get a down down for it.

There are many online listings for songs, here are a few more in addition to the Boston's Hash Hymnal:

If you have mp3s or videos of Boston Hashers singing hash songs - contact moc.hsahnotsob|potsssip#potS ssiP to get them posted here!!

PS. Hello to the Kyoto Hash who now also uses our hymnal!

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