Friar's Guide to Scribing

Thanks JGV…

A long time ago I used to be a scribe. I got my start writing for my own personal diary, and realized that with a few minor edits I could have a story which met the standards of the day (which were somewhat lower than now). At the time, the "who was there" part was already taken care of - we even had a sign-in book until the last one got stolen, and the on-sec would normally publish this even without a story. That meant that the scribe didn't have to do anything special at the start of the hash (like take attendance) - in fact "scribe" was sometimes nominated during or after the circle.

One bit of advice for diarists who want to take up scribing. Before you hit "send", read it over several times and make sure that you've left out the parts you don't want the world to see. I got burned on this a few times. For example, "big boobs bigger mouth" was a good descriptive placeholder for someone who figured prominently in the story and whose name I didn't know, but it is hardly flattering.

Also - if your notes are unreadable or nonexistent, and your memory of the hash ends sometime after the second beer check, there's always the "stream of drunkenness" style of scribing.


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