AntiBuffett 2013

AntiBuffett 10 is c*mming!

December 13–15, 2013 ~ Jay Peak Ski Area

Sign up here! Rego is closed, slowpoke

Join us at Jay Peak for a weekend of skiing/boarding1, an indoor waterpark, an outdoor trail, the original Pants Off Dance OffTM, giveaways, beer, and more2!


Friday 8:30am-4pm Ski all day, you overachiever.
9am–9pm Waterpark open
5 pm–midnight Check-in.
Saturday all day Skiing/boarding, indoor waterpark
2:30 HST Trail
11 pm Pants Off Dance OffTM
midnight Ugh
Sunday all day Skiing/boarding, indoor waterpark
10:30 am Clean up and GTFO

Only $2303 includes a ski/waterpark pass for 3 full days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), meals4 (Friday night light dinner/snack, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sunday breakfast), a bed or futon/pull-out couch space, trail, a giveaway, and beer, beer, beer! Some of the beer might even be good!

Sign up here! Oh, no, you're too slow! Rego is closed. Better luck next year.

Who's C*mming:

Hasher Kennel
Sketchy Ho Boston H3
Spunk In The Trunk Boston H3
Bring Out the Gimp Eager 4 Beaver
Twat My Mom Boston H3
DeciBelle The Awesome Halve Mein Hash
PigFucker The Awesome Halve Mein Hash
Ass for Gas Boston H3
Homance Boston H3
Coochie Monster (NOMNOMNOM) Boston H3
Shart of Darkness Boston H3
Rainbow Fuckin' Brite Burlington
Stubby Pink Torpedo Burlington H3
Dirty Latte Sanchez Boston H3
Cock Bottle Burlington H3
Wikipedophilia Boston H3
Just Ashley Burlington H3
Easy as 123 Boston H3
No Man on the Moon Pink Taco H3
Serial Lubist Burlington H3
cuntjungle Burlington H3
THE 2nd Cumming PooFlingers H3
Jimmy Crack Whore PooFlingers H3
Fuwangi Boner Pooflinger H3
E = I'm a Douche Eager 4 Beaver H3
Goat Throat Boston H3
Blubber F*cker Boston H3
Fire in the Hole Boston H3
Maple Queef Boston H3
Titney Spewston Eager 4 Beaver
Just Patrick Boston H3
Fucked If I Know! Burlington H3
Stonewall Jackoff Burlington H3
Harlot Globe Fondler Pooflinger H3
Hot Tub Crime Machine Burlington H3
Catheter the Great Boston H3
Staying Straight Burlington H3
Just Chris Boston H3

Who's C*mming list last updated on 11/22/2013 9:15 am
Jay Peak rules: Absolutely no pets of any kind. No smoking allowed in the units. NO ATTENDEES UNDER THE AGE OF 21.
1 Organizers of AntiBuffett cannot guarantee you'll be able to ski/board on actual snow. Jay Peak is responsible for that sh*t. But it's starting to look good!
2 Or possibly less. No promises, yadda yadda.
3 AntiBuffett rego is NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE. If you really can't go, we will do our best to re-sell your rego to a wait-listed hasher (if we have any), but we can't guarantee that anyone wants your sloppy seconds.
4 We can't accommodate food restrictions that are more complicated than meat-eater vs. vegetarian, but we'll at least try to keep you away from foods that could kill you.

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