Some say AGM means 'Annual General Mischief' while others claim it is 'Annual General Meeting', it could even be "All Gay Men". Still others say “who the hell cares what it means as long as we can drink!” Whatever you call it, AGM is the time of year (mid-October) when the outgoing members of BH3 Mismanagement are thanked fondly for their year of hard time, and a new batch of suckers is brought in to take their place.

A typical AGM in Boston includes a Pub Crawl on Friday night, a trail on Saturday set by the outgoing GMs, and a Sunday Fat Boy Trail set by the incoming GM’s. Truly, the best way to enjoy this event is to be a member of mismanagement yourself! To learn more about it, check out the list of hashers who are currently serving time and what their positions involve.

Bring your allegations, accusations, grievances, gripes, whips, chains, nipple clamps, eye patches and yarmulkes! AGM comes but once per year (kinda like the GMs) so be sure to cum.

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